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Kuuva Trek 2

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Kuuva 6 black

Aatsa 2

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Aatsa 2 barefoot shoe, is the perfect choice for casual wear. This shoe is incredibly lightweight and flexible, designed to provide maximum comfort and natural movement. 

Aatsa 2 has a 2,55 mm NatuRun outsole made of dual-density Ecorubber™ containing recycled rubber particles. The outsole is melted to the upper, creating an extremely flexible and strong bond. For added support, the heel and shank areas feature a harder rubber bottom, while the rest of the outsole is softer, providing increased comfort and flexibility.

The shoe is made with canvas material and is 100% vegan. Crafted in Finland, the Aatsa 2 barefoot shoe is the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and practicality. 



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-    Outsole: NatuRun™, direct vulcanized dual-density Ecorubber™ outsole (2.5 mm) containing recycled rubber particles
-    Harder rubber on the bottom under the heel and shank, softer elsewhere
-    Material: Canvas 
-    Color: Gray
-    100% Vegan
-    Made in Finland

Please measure the feet to ensure proper sizing.


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