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Feelmax – Creating Healthy Feet

Feelmax® footwear are the only real barefoot shoes on the market. They fit like a thin and flexible sock. These minimalist barefoot shoes are so light and comfortable that you hardly notice them. These days foot problems are extremely common. The majority of foot problems have their origin in childhood. Feelmax makes healthy and comfortable barefoot shoes for both kids and adults.

Latest Barefoot Shoes for Kids

  1. Lokka 3 purple
    As low as €69.91 €56.38
  2. Lokka 3
    As low as €69.91 €56.38
  3. Luosma 5 Black
    As low as €69.91 €56.38
  4. Salla Kids Rosa 2nd grade
    As low as €37.08 €29.90 Regular Price €61.88

Latest Barefoot Shoes for Adults

  1. Aatsa 2
    As low as €89.90 €72.50
  2. Osma 7 Burgundy
    As low as €109.95 €88.67
  3. Ounas Black
    As low as €79.91 €64.44
  4. Salla Turquise
    As low as €79.91 €64.44
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